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Our trip to the Wild Wild Coast!

10 – 12 February 2021 marked a trip we will NEVER forget! The HCE Team went down to The Wild Coast, an exciting adventure as this was our first non- work trip together! Along the way, not too far from our destination, we had a quick stop at The waffle house in Margate, most of us had the traditional chocolate and ice cream waffles while others decided to indulge in the savoury waffle dishes offered. This was a delicious and well-deserved treat for the extremely humid journey.

One of the things that made Wild Coast different from the other Sun International hotels that we had been to, is the beach, an ACTUAL beach! There was no way we’d miss an opportunity to enjoy the ocean. We spent the first afternoon taking snaps of the water and scenery, the waves covering our feet as well as dancing on the sand shooting Junebug challenges.

What followed after our wavy afternoon was a delicious buffet style dinner at the Wild Waters Water Park hosted especially for us with pleasant background music to set the mood. The night could not end without us having a mini sing along session.

The next morning, we headed out for a site visit where we got to see the rest of the resort and everything it had to offer. After those formalities, it was time for the activities. One of the activities on the list was horse riding on the beach and what a beautiful experience that was! It was terrifying at first, but I soon got a hang of things. Riding on the shore with the relaxing sounds of the ocean while seeing the rest of the coast, it was definitely a marvel! The rest of the team went quad-biking and some would say the best past was the top of the mountain where you could see the view of the ocean, “at this point it was God’s grandeur”.

Our last activity for the day was swimming at the Water Park! We got ready to have some fun in the sun like the ‘likkle ngwanas’ we really are. This was our first water experience as a team and I must say I saw Athabz, Boogie and Katlego enjoy those slides like they were 12 again. If a place like this does not bring out your inner child, then you’re the problem! I’m kidding, but seriously though…

The Wild Coast Resort is such a beautiful place that many more people need to see and experience. It is a trip you would not regret. I have not mentioned everything that took place that side but just writing this little has already got me in my feels and ready to head back there again.

written by: Chantel Mashiane

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