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Shifting The Culture since 2008
HomeComing Events (Pty) Ltd is a fully black owned company that specializes in event organisation, consultancy, sponsorship procurement, brand management and activations, marketing and lifestyle solutions. We also provide corporate event services including catering and bar provision. Founded by Katlego Malatji and Neo Moela, HomeComing Events has its roots and offices in Tshwane and employs 14 young people between the ages of 19 and 30 from the Capital.
HomeComing Events prides itself in professional, efficient, safe, affordable as well as durable eventing and marketing solutions. Over the years, HomeComing Events has hosted and consulted on countless events of varied sizes, atmospheres and in the name of different causes. Not only have these events been well received by patrons all over the country but each event has also been fully JOC compliant.

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The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club
What Is The City Series?

HomeComing Events presents: The City Series Clothing Line! The line, in collaboration with DBN Gogo, 25K and Focalistic is an ode not just to Pretoria but the talent it produces! The custom pieces all have one thing in common, they represent the journey these artists have taken not just in music but with HomeComing Events! Let’s celebrate Pitori’s rockstars and the limitless possibilities this city has to offer! Look out for their first ever performance dates on the clothing!

Focalistic Blecke Jacket
DBN Gogo Hoodie: White
25K Cartoon Sweater: Black
25K Lyric Long Sleeve T Shirt: Black
Classic Tshwanefontein Sweater: Green
If Found Long Sleeve T Shirt: White

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