Katlego Malatji

Head of Business Development

Neo Moela

Head of Government Projects

Athabile Ngxamngxa

Head of Brand and Activations

Oratile Sangweni

Head of Events

Boipelo Macheke

Head of Corporate and Marketing


Since 2013, Homecoming Events has run a 12-month internship programme that gives young driven individuals a platform to grow within the entertainment and marketing fields.

7 out 680 applicants were selected to form part of the 2019 program. Innovative, determined and creative individuals were chosen after a series of interviews and challenges.


During the internship, interns rotate among the 5 departments of the company while also being given exposure to elements that relate to their field of study, e.g. law, finance, marketing etc.

The Homecoming Events Internship programme has opened doors for many young individuals to pursue and achieve their dreams. Once the internship has ended, you walk away with new skills, knowledge, insights and a lifelong network of friends and contacts.

2020 Interns

Thiko Mudau

Singabantu Chabangu

Keith Ngwane

Keitumetse Molokomme

Patience Lebese

Rankadi Setati

Kopano Bookholane

Homecoming Events Intern Training Retreat weekend 2020

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. - Henry Ford
Each year presents itself with new challengers but above all goals and achievements to be met. At the beginning of the year, the incoming selected inter group are able to start off the year by aligning themselves with the mantra of shifting the culture during a one night corporate retreat with the HomeComing Events Management Team. 
Our host; Thabi Masela led the team consisting of the executive namely; Katlego Malatji, Neo Moela, Athabile Ngxamngxa, Oratile Sangweni, Boipelo Macheke, Eden Storom and Mpho Jasone along with the interns; Kopano Bookholane, Thiko Mudau, Patience Lebese, Keitumetse Molokomme, Rankadi Setati, Singabantu Chabangu and Keith Ngwane through the weekends activities, flawlessly. We started off by breaking the ice with the M&M game that allowed us to get to know each other in a colourful way. A few interesting facts were learnt and of course it got a little tense when someone claimed their favourite person in the world used to be a person, yikes. 
We then got into the business of the day with interactive sessions that allowed for each individual in the room to not only know and understand the vision of the company but also understand their role in the greater scheme of things. The biggest take away was definitely why we do what we do, using Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Theory. This was a highly essential segment of our entire retreat as we all discovered the importance of specifically needing to “do business with people who believe what we believe” simply because “people do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” 
More essential skills, like understanding the processes within our business, putting together informative and eye-catching proposals were also sessions that allowed for developing necessary skills. 
Looking to the past is always essential to understand where we come from and how we can go above that which has been done before. Watching the HomeComing Documentary at the end of the day, detailing the birth and growth of the company left us not only being grateful for the journey we’re about to embark on but also got us fired up to leave our own mark. 
The overall feeling at the end of the retreat was readiness, excitement and knowledgeable. The skills imparted from the onset of our term speaks to the growth and trajectory not only the intern group is to experience but also the commitment the team with have in ensuring we continue to shift the culture. We are grateful for the forward-thinking leadership and opportunity granted to us. The sky really isn’t the limit but just the beginning. 


Working for HCE was a challenging, but yet an intense year of growth. I came into the company not knowing what to expect, and I came out an individual who became the best version of herself in her youth. I’ll forever be grateful for the honour and opportunity of working for the company, it’s been a great run.

Thandi Beauchamp
2019 Intern

As Robin Sharma would say, “All change is difficult in the beginning, messy in the middle and beautiful in the end” This puts my year at HCE into perspective…A year filled with great lessons I’ll never forget, very challenging but so beautiful in the end.

Desmond Phala
2019 Intern

HCE taught me so much but I also had to act after learning and that’s how growth manifested.

“Initiative is doing the right thing without being told.”
Victor Hugo

Chidochase Manuwa
2019 Intern