Katlego Malatji

Head of Business Development

Neo Moela

Head of Government Projects

Athabile Ngxamngxa

Head of Brand and Activations

Oratile Sangweni

Head of Events

Boipelo Macheke

Head of Corporate and Marketing


Since 2013, Homecoming Events has run a 12-month internship programme that gives young driven individuals a platform to grow within the entertainment and marketing fields.

7 out 680 applicants were selected to form part of the 2019 program. Innovative, determined and creative individuals were chosen after a series of interviews and challenges.


During the internship, interns rotate among the 5 departments of the company while also being given exposure to elements that relate to their field of study, e.g. law, finance, marketing etc.

The Homecoming Events Internship programme has opened doors for many young individuals to pursue and achieve their dreams. Once the internship has ended, you walk away with new skills, knowledge, insights and a lifelong network of friends and contacts.

2019 Interns

Eden Storom

Thandiwe Beauchamp

Dumisani Khumalo

Lehlogonolo Molelekeng

Desmond Phala

Chidochashe Manuwa

Koketso Kgogome

Homecoming Events Intern Training Retreat weekend 2019

Each year the Home Coming Events Interns are awarded the opportunity to go on a corporate retreat with the company’s staff members. The main purpose of this one night outing is to provide the newly appointed interns with the required knowledge about Home Coming Events, particularly different aspects of business management as a whole.

On the 16th of February, the 2019 Interns: Thandiwe Beauchamp, Lehlogonolo Molelekeng, Dumisani Khumalo, Desmond Junior Phala, Koketso Kgogome, Eden Storom and Chidochashe Manuwa, together with some of the company’s staff: Katlego, Neo, Oratile, Athabile and Boipelo, met up at the Home Coming Events office at 8am sharp, packed up into a few cars and went on a little road trip. The destination; Woodland Game Lodge & Conference Centre, was more or less 40 minutes away, in the North of Gauteng. We arrived early enough to have a day full of activities and lectures.

Our host; Thabi Masela carried us strongly throughout the entire day’s plan. We started off by breaking the ice with a game called “Two truths and a lie”, which definitely got all of us to know each other a lot better. We all discovered interesting facts about each other, particularly the fact that one of the interns quite enjoys spending time just “chilling at the Boulevard in England.” We went on to do some intense team building games such as “Stack a cup” which required quick thinking and innovative strategies. This segment definitely strengthened team work as well as patriotism in the different teams.

 Thereafter, Thabi ushered us directly into the business of the day. The vision of HCE was clearly illustrated to us, leaving us in a much better position than we initially were in with regards to general knowledge about the company. Thereafter, we learnt about Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Theory. This was a highly essential segment of our entire retreat as we all discovered the importance of the consumer, particularly the need to do “business with people who believe what we believe” merely due to the interesting fact that “people do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” We targeted the key questions of why, what and how then we specifically brought it home by determining Home Coming Event’s why and understanding our customer in general. Thabi went on to tell us about the Value Proposition Canvas in order to better understand our pains, gains and products as a company. The essential skill of being able to construct a solid proposal was also one of the targets on the table, as we were taught a formula to utilize whenever we need to come up with a proposal and we also looked at examples of a number of phenomenal, successful proposals. The prominent business woman; Barbara Mento’s advice regarding proposals was also included. Lastly we got a chance to watch the Home Coming Events Documentary which left us all with goosebumps and immense gratitude. The Documentary set out the birth and gradual growth of the company which made us understand that we had just been awarded an opportunity to be part of a great movement.

We ended off the day with a very heated game of 30 seconds, where we were enlightened by one of the interns on how the day after Christmas is called God’s will day. Overall, the executive retreat left us filled to the brim with knowledge about HCE as well as general business skills and tips. We got a chance to bond and better understand how we are going to all work together. Additionally, the interns were allocated in their different business lines. We cannot thank our visionary leaders enough for such a great opportunity. The retreat was a powerful start to the year.


Hard work that yields the highest of rewards, is the only way to describe the internship. You can only get from it what you put in. Break boundaries in the internship, and there’ll be nothing that can stop you.

Karabo Kekana
2018 Intern

My time as a homecoming intern has given me the opportunity to network and grow into a well rounded, hard working young professional. I have left the Homecoming internship experience confident in my ability to successfully overcome any challenges handed to me.

Siba Mosana
2018 Intern

This internship program has taught me a lot about my capabilities as a person, and has helped me grow. This has been a great experience and a stepping stone with a lot of great people pushing you to achieve greatness.

Amanda Nirghin
2018 Intern