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Mufasa – Soccer


Deadline for final team registrations and payments is the 21st of June 2024

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Mufasa Soccer Registration
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  1. All rules embodied in here are final and non-negotiable.
  2. Any team that has not paid the full amount for registration on the stipulated closing date will be disqualified.
  3. Group Stage games will be 12 mins one way.
  4. Quarter and semi-finals will be played at 15mins one way. The final will be played at 10 minutes per half.
  5. Rolling subs can be executed with the notice of the ref, strictly from the middle of the field, in dead ball situations.
  6. Yellow card = 3minute suspension.
  7. Red Card is an immediate ejection from the game and a 1 game suspension.
  8. Any team that is not on the field within 2 minutes of their kick off will forfeit the game.
  9. A forfeit is a 2-0 victory to the other team.
  10. No offside.
  11. Referee has full rights to exercise own discretion.
  12. Match commissioner will have full discretion to disqualify any team or player found to be violent, excessively vulgar and/or or not participating in the spirit of fair play.
  13. Only the 10 players registered and confirmed at the beginning of the tournament may represent said team. No additions, replacements or shuffling will be allowed. Any team found guilty of such will be disqualified.
  14. Normal 7-a-side rules will apply where the rules may be silent.
  15. All teams are requested to pick up their accreditation from the venue no later than 08h30. Any player that arrives after said time without accreditation will be charged the spectator fee.
  16. Teams will be given accreditation for 10 players and 2 officials. All other persons will be required to pay R80 entry fee.
  17. Captains must sign their score sheet with match commissioner after every game. Failure to do so will revoke your right to appeal or protest.
  18. All disputes to be raised with chairman of the tournament and match commissioner who will have the final say.
  19. All prize money will be paid out by EFT once winning team has submitted invoice to HCE during HCE month end pay run.
  20. In qualifying for knockouts from Group Stages, this is the order of consideration for qualification when points are tied:
  1. Goal difference
  2. Head-to-Head
  3. Goals For
  4. Goals Against
  5. Penalties