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HomeComing Africa

HomeComing first started off as a picnic in 2008, commonly known as HomeComing Picnic. At the end of 2015 transitioned the already successful picnic into a day and night festival titled HomeComing Picnic, The End of An Era. The following year as the start of a new era, HCE hosted the first HomeComing Africa festival. In 2017 HCE expanded the HCA festival from the 2016 pilot to an 18-hour festival that featured multiple stages as well as cultural and food exhibitions. The Year 2018 brought about a version of HCA that focused on telling the story of music with a combination of local and Pan African artists. The festival serves as the musical aspect that started the HomeComing movement. Previous festivals have seen thousands of Africans come together in celebration of their love for music.


Commonly referred to as “The Fountain of Youth” is a cross culture event that is presented by HCE which seeks to build a social bridge for the youth, who have shared artistic and musical taste. The event takes place on the last Sunday of each month at African Beer Emporium in the 012 Central courtyard with a line-up comprising of alternative sounds from local acts to one headliner performers per event. Tshwanefontein has a constantly growing clientele which currently sits at 1300 every month but is expected to continue the upward trend.


When “The Fountain of Youth” invades Polokwane. Over the past 11 years, HomeComing Events has received tremendous support from the people of Polokwane. HomeComing Picnic saw its first trip to Polokwane in 2013 which was ultimately a success. Additionally, HCE hosted a Polokwane experience in collaboration with Major League Gardens on the 16th of December 2014 at the Polokwane Stadium where it attracted just over 6000 locals and loyal patrons who travelled from Gauteng and other provinces. Hence, as a way to give back to them we decided to take one of our best events to the province.

Suit & Tie

In order to celebrate the birthday of our very own Neo Moela, we present to you Suit & Tie. The event is held to celebrate and honour Mr Moela through a night of elegance, largely dosed with suave, sexy, sultry, and sophisticated fun. Suit and Tie is the most glamorous night on the HCE calendar. It is a night attended by the who’s who of Pretoria.

All White

In celebration of Katlego Malatji, HomeComing Events hosts an annual All White Party for his birthday. This event ladies and gentlemen is an invite only exclusive event that is hosted at a lavish venue where all the guests come together and celebrate not just Mr Malatji but his life too. The event starts off in the afternoon with a delightful formal evening dinner however, as the night falls the dinner transcends into an upbeat soirée.

Live Loud Mid Year Break

HomeComing Events partnered with 5fm for the Live Loud Mid-Year Break which was hosted for over 2 nights in Sun City aka The Lost City. Not only did the Mid-Year Break have 5fm listeners, but we managed to successfully pull the HCE crowd to the Lost City to come and join us for the party over the entire weekend.

TUKS FM Freshers

Are you young? Are you fresh? Are you relevant? If you have answered yes to one of these questions then you need to be at The Tuks FM Freshers Party this year! Tuks FM in association with Homecoming Events have tailor made a party for the young people living in Pretoria. We have put together the best local Dj’s, Producers and Live acts to truly celebrate the Pretoria culture and vibe.

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is an intimate 3-course Brunch that seeks to bring like-minded individuals, young professionals, societal influencers, and curators of culture together over a three-course meal paired with mimosas under the bright sun of the capital city. This event takes place every Saturday and Sunday for the whole month of September, where it caters for a capacity of 150 diners in and around The African Beer Emporium. Be sure to book those tickets honey and join us for breakfast!


Mnandi United Football Association of South Africa also known as Groove Champions League is a soccer tournament where event organisers and the general public come together, put money up and play football against each other. The union facilitates in creating cohesion in the eventing community, with an added benefit of raising money to donate to a charity of the winner’s choice.

Sun City Takeover

HCE in partnership with Sun International, got on the road and headed to the Lost City over 3 days in November 2020.

A mix of North West and Gauteng patrons were seen taking on 3 events each day which included a beach party at Valley of Waves followed by 2 of our flagship events All White & Tshwanefontein.

The Sun City Takeover seeks to be an annual feature in the HCE calendar.

Tshwane Food Fest

Young Success and Homecoming Events have partnered up to host Tshwane Food Fest. This multi-faceted event takes place at the Botanical Gardens, with a promise of an exciting day for everyone.

To celebrate the diverse cultures and interests, the festival promises a variety of food, dance, song, games and festivities to remember for a long time to come.

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