Event Portfolio

HomeComing Africa

HomeComing Africa is the first event of an eventing revolution set to take the continent by storm. A celebration of African music, culture and lifestyle as well as the building of the cultural bridge between international artists and local support bases. 

HCA is really an opportunity for Homecoming Events to break down the walls of what we deem to be a success and encouraging others in similar positions as us to do the same. Its us not saying ‘ Africa is the future” as lip service but actually investing in proving that it is its about breaking the stereotypes about black people and entertaining the dream that will build a fresh bridge with the international community.

HomeComing Picnic

The HomeComing Picnic is an event that takes place four times a year at various venues in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria. It was started by a group of students from the eastern suburbs who needed a platform for all their friends at various institutions to be able to re-unite and socialise during varsity breaks but has now transformed into an all encompassing affair that caters for middle class black youth between the ages of 18 – 30. It takes place during every change of season at the beginning of Varsity break and enjoys great support from those currently in the learning and working spheres. At the inception of the picnic in 2008 about 75 patrons attended and the distinctive nature of the event has seen it grow to enjoy the support of approximately 2000+ people in 2011 at an average of 5500 people per picnic.

Tuks FM Freshers

Are you young? Are you fresh? Are you relevant? If you have answered yes to one of these questions then you need to be at The Tuks FM Freshers Party this year! Tuks FM in association with Homecoming Events have tailor made a party for the young people living in Pretoria. We have put together the best local Dj’s, Producers and Live acts to truly celebrate the Pretoria culture and vibe.

Suit & Tie

This is an elegant night of suave, sexy, sultry, and sophisticated fun. Suit and Tie is the most glamorous night on our calendar. The event is held is a celebration of Neo Moela’s birthday. It is a night attended by the who’s who of Pretoria.

All White Party

Homecoming Events host an annual All White party in celebration of Katlego Malatji’s. This invite only exclusive event will be hosted at a lavish venue where all guest get to come together and celebrate. The event starts in the afternoon with a formal evening dinner which later proceeds into an upbeat soirée as the night falls. The annual All White party


Mnandi United Football Association of South Africa also known as Groove Champions League. This is a soccer tournament where event organizers put money up and play against each other to create cohesion in the eventing community while raising some money to be donated to a charity of the winner’s choice. The event is not exclusive to event organizers but open to the public as well, with the emphasis and majority participants being event organisers and celebrities. The tournament happens twice a year and is in its 4th year. Teams such as Until Until, Family Tree, MajorLeague, Soweto’s Finest, TrapLords etc participate, drawing a large crowd attendance.


This is a cross culture event presented by HCE that seeks to build a social bridge for youth who have common artistic and musical taste. The event takes place on the last Sunday of each month at African Beer Emporium in the 012 Central courtyard. It has recently celebrated its first birthday and boasts a constantly growing clientele which currently sits at 700 but is expected to continue the upward trend. The event continuously finds was to appeal to the respective market and bring in innovative ways to stay relevant

Live Loud

The ultimate mid-year music experience take place over the weekend.

Tshwane Food Fest

Young Success and Homecoming Events is excited to host its 4thannual Tshwane Food Fest. This multi-faceted event takes place on 02 November 2019 at Botanical Gardens, with a promise of an exciting day for everyone. To celebrate the diverse cultures and interests, the festival promises a variety of food, dance, song, games and festivities to remember for a long time to come.