Since 2013, Homecoming Events has run a 12-month internship programme that gives young driven individuals a platform to grow within the entertainment and marketing fields.

7 out 250 applicants were selected to form part of the 2017 program. Innovative, determined and creative individuals were chosen after a series of interviews and challenges.


During the internship, interns rotate among the 5 departments of the company while also being given exposure to elements that relate to their field of study, e.g. law, finance, marketing etc.

The Homecoming Events Internship programme has opened doors for many young individuals to pursue and achieve their dreams. Once the internship has ended, you walk away with new skills, knowledge, insights and a lifelong network of friends and contacts.


The internship programme for me has been an opportunity to broaden my way of thinking and how to work hard and push myself far beyond my limits. I’ve realized that there’s nothing I can’t do. Even if it seems impossible, if you put your mind to it you can do it

Boipelo Macheke

“The internship has shifted my paradigm towards being an innovative hard worker”.

Thuto Diole

You are constantly around people who push you to do greater and be greater.

Rudo Manjoro